Winner Announced/ Ariston {15 months}

So many of you know by now that Micah and I have moved to “God’s Country” aka Stanfield, North Carolina. I say that because literally I saw  a hardware store here that proudly held that name, no lie. Stanfield is about 45 min. outside of Charlotte, NC.  In all seriousness though this really is a gorgeous place! Micah grew up here so it is really special to have Ariston experience country life and to see where his daddy grew up. We love it here!

Since moving I’ve had a lot more free time to just relax for a while. I’ve been so thankful for this time to sit and reflect on the past year; however, I am super excited to get back into the swing of things and meet some new clients. I have a feeling good ol’ Stanly Co. will provide me with some beautiful locations to photograph and I am looking forward to get out there and let those creative juices flow!

I had a lot of great feedback from everyone who participated in the Giveaway. The winner will receive a FREE 30 min. Lifestyle Session Complete with a DVD of fully edited high res. images.

So without further ado, the winner of last week’s Giveaway is: Kristi Cox Burch!!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated :) Kristi, please email me: to claim your prize!

I’ll leave you with some beautiful images I took this afternoon of my sweet baby boy. I hope you enjoy!

IMG_8129 IMG_8105 IMG_8097 IMG_8063 IMG_8054 IMG_8053 IMG_8040IMG_8179 IMG_8232 IMG_8241 IMG_8243 IMG_8245 IMG_8254 IMG_8272 IMG_8281 IMG_8288 IMG_8320 IMG_8359


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